Jackie Leswell


Jackie Leswell

Called by God into ministry with the Salvation Army, serving for thirty-two years in Warwickshire, inner city of London and Dorset; preaching, teaching and setting up community projects.

Discovered the Freedom in Christ Discipleship Course that released me to live to my full potential in Christ.  Have taught for over fifteen years and seen hundreds of people set free to be who they are in Christ.  Serve on the national teaching team for Freedom in Christ Ministries, are part of their Intercessors team and a Regional Representative for Dorset.

Now called by God to a ‘new season’ of ministry to usher in the ‘final harvest’ of the nations. Am passionate about ‘Kingdom building’ and establishing the Kingdom of God on earth.

Currently serve as a trustee of Faithworks Wessex, Connect Dorset and Chair of Churches Together in Poole.

Ministry support network – Prayer Partners and Accountability Group