We are moulded by our culture; it affects the way we think and see things, that is why so often the Bible does not make sense to us. We have lost sight of the fact that God is creative in the way He gives revelation – from a Hebrew mindset, whereas we are of Greek mindset based on logic and reason.

This series of teachings helps us to understand the Hebraic mindset of God, why Jesus taught the way He did and how the New Testament Church understood their Hebraic roots.

Please contact us if you would like to us to give a talk or a series of talks. We are also happy to lead a Passover or Purim feast.

  • Understanding Mindsets
  • The Tabernacle (2-3 sessions)
  • The Tabernacle of David
  • High Priesthood
  • Solomon’s Temple
  • Jesus and the Feasts
  • The Twelve Tribes of Israel (Do they have something to say to the Church today?)
  • Covenants
  • Symbols and Types in Scripture
  • Understanding God’s Cycles (Hebrew Calendar) (2-3 sessions)
  • Ministry of the Shofar
  • Hebrew Word Pictures